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Acupuncture literally means to ‘puncture with a needle’, but in reality this is only one form of treatment used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To manage the range of conditions seen at the Heal Holistic clinci, be it ACC or private treatment, various therapies may be used in addition to acupuncture to get the best results possible. This may include using cups, Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) or Moxabustion therapy.

TCM always seeks to treat the individual, not the condition. More specifically, TCM diagnosis looks at the signs and symptoms the client experiences, some not as obvious as you might think. As a result, needles may be placed at the location of injury but may also be placed on limbs or trunk of the body at relevant points according the TCM diagnosis. This is aimed at working towards a deeper and more profound healing treatment for the patient.

Acupuncture needles are incredibly fine, far more fine than the intravenous needles used by your doctor. It is common for people to report no uncomfortable sensation felt from the needles during the session. All needles are sterile and single use.

Please note that if you wish to book an ACC treatment, a pre-approved ACC claim number is required from a doctor/physio etc, generated in the last 12 months.

Woman Receiving Acupuncture


This impressive therapy relieves tensions and restrictions in the fascia (soft tissues) of the body and central nervous system using light therapeutic touch on the surface of the body. Balancing the sensitive cranio-sacral system of the body can bring about profound healing at all levels.

Whether having experienced emotional or physical trauma in the past, headaches or general high levels of stress, it’s a natural reaction of the body to tense and tighten up. This restriction can decrease the many signals the body sends, creating a lack of body awareness, more pain, muscle restriction, psychological and energetic disharmony.

You remain fully clothed as the practitioner uses light touch on the base of your spine, neck, abdomen and head.


From individuals such as the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, to ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, Ancient China and the Mayans, there has be much study and discussion on the energetic's of the body and how we unconsciously respond to our environment and other stimuli. Metaphysics is the the exploration of our reality, exploring a combination of subjects that include but not limited to Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology, ESP, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life After Death, Transcendentalism, Mysticism and Reincarnation.  Emily uses her unique healing skills, EM-ERGY, in reading the physical/emotional and Spiritual self to give a far more deeper and personalized treatment.  This treatment seeks to address the underlying cause of dis-ease, the state of imbalance that is rarely just physical in nature. A typical treatment can leave you relaxed, informed and often feeling lighter, in addition to its many other benefits.


Emily is a Reader, able to 'read' the mental/emotional and physical state of the Body. This skill essentially determines the flow of a treatment, guided by the clients own goals.  Bringing back the Spiritual traditions of ancient healers and her family line, Emily weaves her personal skills and healing with traditional healing into modern Consciousness and calls this specific healing technique EM-ERGY.


Below is a general description of the main therapies Emily may use, in combination with her Intuitive skills.


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