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An established Acupuncturist and Wholistic Health Specialist in Christchurch since 2010.


Now located at 255 Barrington st, the small green/blue building behind Midwives. Entrance via Stourbridge st.

My name is Emily Taylor and I founded Heal Holistic in 2011, offering a range of treatments to suit everyone, even the needle-phobics.

Being passionate about mental/emotional/soul health has drawn me to an array of different healing modalities and skills. The Western medicine sector I was drawn to volunteer work on the Christchurch St Johns Ambulance, and donating my time in the Hutt Hospital (Wellington) free Acupuncture clinic for pregnancy related conditions.

The more holistic and complementary health sector, I completed a 4 year Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Acupuncture, plus a Diploma in Tuina - Chinese Medical Massage. My interests in health and healing have lead me to many different trainings and certificates, all building up a range of areas of interest, creating the framework of healing that I use today.

And finally, skills learnt not from classroom learning, but from development over time with patience, listening and 'remembering' from my other lives, plus an upbringing touched by a long family line of wholistic thinkers; generations who gently stepped away from the conventional.   Within the family is an acceptance of the ability to read energy and invite/utilize connections beyond the known, all of which provides more depth to a healing session.

As a 'Reader'. I read the energy lines of your body and aura to accurately describe and understand your personality, body and Spiritual self. This information assists me in tailoring a treatment specifically to the whole You. 

Your privacy is important to me, so only that which helps me to work towards your healing goals is read.

Let me help you understand more about yourself and your path, whilst helping heal and guide you.


Peace, light and laughter,


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