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In 'The Garage', alongside Integrated Health Care

149 Barrington Rd, Somerfield.
Christchurch, New Zealand.

Ph:  021 1745 540

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“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” ~Plato

My name is Emily Taylor and I founded Heal Holistic in 2011, offering a range of treatments to suit just about everyone, even the needle-phobics! .

Being passionate about mental/emotional/soul health has also led me to different areas of the Western health sector such as volunteer work on the Christchurch St Johns Ambulance, and donating my time in the Hutt Hospital (Wellington) free Acupuncture clinic for pregnancy related conditions.

My other passion, and skill, is as a 'Reader'. I am able to read the energy lines of your body and aura to accurately describe your personality, body and Spiritual self. This information assists me in tailoring the treatment specifically to the whole You.  Such a skill has bought me great respect of the individual self, and has allowed me to see the beauty in us all, something I am forever grateful for. Let me help you understand more about yourself, and guide you on how to achieve your goals.

Being a Natural Health Therapist also means I offer non-invasive solutions to encourage the body and soul to heal.

Peace, light and laughter,



Owner and Practitioner at Heal Holistic

An established Acupuncturist and Holistic Health Specialist in Christchurch since 2010.