As a member of Allied Health and a registered Critical Service Provider, my clinic is open to all clients.  

As always, if you have questions regarding these changes, please feel free to ask me.


ACC changes in 2022 - UPDATED March 2022

A reminder that from Wednesday 15 December 2021, ACC has created new limits that apply to acupuncture treatments provided to clients NZ wide.
The number of treatments that can be provided without further approval has now changed to 12 over 12 consecutive weeks (originally 16 over 52 weeks). This change is counted from the client’s first appointment, not since their injury.

Any client currently receiving treatment when the change came into effect on 15/12/21 have had their treatment limits reset to zero. This means they will be funded for a further 12 treatments over 12 weeks, starting from their next appointment.

FROM ACC to acupuncture treatment providers (as at 10/03/2022): "To help take some pressure off specified treatment providers working under the Cost of Treatment Regulations, we’re pausing the need to request prior approval for treatment extensions via the ACC32 form.
This means you can continue treating our clients during Phase 3 without approval from us, as long as the treatment is related to the covered injury and is necessary and appropriate.
This will take effect from Monday 14 March and will be in place during Phase 3 of the Government’s Omicron response. Once we move out of this phase the usual ACC32 process will recommence.

From Emily: This letter from ACC means that if you need to continue treatments past the 12 weeks, as previously stipulated by ACC, further treatments can automatically be given without a lengthy form request.  Only applies in Phase 3.